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Caring for Children
Owned and managed by Department of Communities & Justice

Become a foster carer

Children and young people need to enter care for all sorts of reasons and can come into care at all ages. They need safe and caring environments for however long it takes to return them to their family or determine the best permanent placement. NSW is also looking for more respite carers who will provide short breaks to foster, relative/kin carers a few times a year.

Who can apply to become a foster carer

NSW is seeking a diverse pool of carers for all situations, including emergency care, respite care, and restoration so that children and families can be supported close to home and within their existing community wherever possible. It is important that children and young people are well matched to prospective guardians, adoptive parents or foster carers when a relative or kin placement cannot be identified.

You can be single, married, in a de-facto or same-sex relationship. Ideally, you are over the age of 25, are an Australian citizen of permanent resident, in good health and without a criminal record.

You just need a big heart and a genuine desire to make a difference.

Talk to My Forever Family NSW

My Forever Family NSW can help you find an accredited non-government foster care agency. Call 1300 782 975 or visit My Forever Family NSW Website to find out more about the eligibility requirements, how to apply, and the ongoing support and training you’ll receive.

DCJ is also recruiting carers in some locations

Although the Department has transferred the provision of out-of-home care to non-government agencies, we are recruiting carers who can offer emergency and short-term care, to care for Aboriginal children, siblings and children with a disability.

To apply to be a foster carer with DCJ,  you can complete the enquiry form.